The BEST Mens Snake Ring ULTIMATE Guide (2024!) - Meaning, How to Wear, Where to Buy, History

The BEST Mens Snake Ring ULTIMATE Guide (2024!) - Meaning, How to Wear, Where to Buy, History

On the hunt for the best mens snake ring? Well you're in luck, friend - today we present to you 11 options for the best mens snake ring to bring a sense of mystery and danger to your style, and then we'll dive into the history and meaning of snake rings.

Not only that, but you'll also learn how to style mens snake rings, and get expert advice on the most badass outfits to pair with it.

A snake ring is totally unique in the jewelry world. It's both incredibly masculine and incredibly feminine at the same time.

Snake rings are unisex (all of our snake rings can be worn by men and women), but in this article we'll be focusing in on the masculine side. Snake rings are both sexy and seductive, but also masculine and powerful, and that's the aspect we will explore here.





Slick. Seductive. Danger.

These are all qualities that snakes have, and qualities YOU can convey by wearing a snake ring.

It brings a mystical element to your aesthetic. In touch with the earth and in touch with your shadow side.



snake charmer

Think of snake charmers. What could be more badass than being able to harness the dangerous elements of nature and have them under your command?

It's this power and ability to lead that you can tap into every time you look down at your snake ring.

It's a sense of knowing that you can navigate sticky situations and keep cool and composed. And when the time is right to take action and go for what you want, you'll be ready to strike.

Coming up below, we'll be slithering into the history and meaning of mens snake rings. And after that we'll be jumping into how to style a mens snake ring too, but firstly, let's find the best snake ring for you...


The Best Mens Snake Ring (11 Options!)

It's your lucky day, friend. Right in front of your eyes, here at That Rock Aesthetic, you'll immediately see that you've come across the best candidates for the best mens snake ring.

It doesn't matter what your taste is, you'll be able to find yourself a gold snake ring, a silver snake ring, and even a black snake ring. Snake rings are perfect for the rock aesthetic.

Here are our personal favorites - let's go:


1. Shamanic Snake Rings Collection

snake ring silver gold snake ring

The most classic and unique snake ring is one that coils around your finger, like an actual snake does. We have the widest selection of this style of snake ring available on the planet! They come in silver, gold or black and in different types of snake. Our designers have done an amazing job with really intricate details in all of these rings. Go wild here!





2. Snake Skull Ring

snake skull ring

We love skull rings here at That Rock Aesthetic, so what could be better than fusing the two into one ring? The dark seductive qualities of the snake bring balance to the ominous qualities of the skull. Use this ring as a reminder to maintain balance in your life.




3. Gothic Wrap around Snake Ring

gothic wraparound mens snake ring

Another badass wrap around snake ring, like the ones in our shamanic snake ring collection above. This one is special though, which warranted it having its own spotlight in this list. The detail here is insane! It really looks like an actual snake and has extra length to its coily figure to grab people's attention.




4. Snake Lion Head Ring

lion head mens snake ring

Two deadly creatures of the animal kingdom - what could get more badass than that? Lions are ferocious creatures, using brute strength to overpower their prey, while snakes are more cunning and use their mind's to outwit. Wear this ring to remind you to use both mind and body when you find yourself in sticky situations.




5. Shamanic Gemstone Snake Rings Collection

gemstone mens snake ring

A further add-on to our shamanic snake ring collection is this bonus collection featuring a variety of gemstones. These are ridiculously cool. All of the individual gemstones are super eye-catching (especially when the sun hits them!) and just add an extra layer of the depth to your whole aesthetic. We even now have gemstones that resemble eyes to add an extra dark gothic vibe to the mix.




6. Ouroboros Snake Ring

ouroboros snake ring

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol featuring a snake eating its own tail. Yikes, that's dark, but this symbol is used to represent eternity and rebirth. It creates a perfect circle to represent the cycle of life and death. Use this to remind you of the bigger picture and not take life for granted.




7. Black Onyx Snake Ring

black onyx snake ring

This black onyx snake ring has a seductive power. The black onyx gemstone looks insanely stylish and fuses with the snake to bring a vibe that's perfect for biker and gothic aesthetics.




8. Ancient Egyptian Pharoah Skull with Snake Ring

ancient egyptian pharoah skull snake ring

When thinking of snake rings, it doesn't always have to be as intense as a full snake wrapped around your finger. This killer Ancient Egyptian Pharoah skull ring does just the job. It features a subtle cobra attached to the top of the Pharoah's head. Feel the Ancient Egyptian wisdom with this ring.




9. Double-Headed Wrap Around Snake 'Natural Born Killers' Ring

natural born killer mens snake ring

Another amazing wrap around snake ring, this one is also worthy of its own spotlight. This ring is famous for being featured in the edgy 90s crime film 'Natural Born Killers'. Perfect for fans of that film, or just people that love the aesthetic of the two snakes coiled around each other.




10. Gothic Medusa Snake Ring

medusa snake hair ring

Straight out of Greek mythology, Medusa had snakes for hair and would turn men that looked at her into stone. Her stern and fierce nature can be a powerful source to tap into and strike fear into the hearts of anyone who dares to mess with you. This one is bold and will send a message.




11. Fierce Medusa Snake Ring

medusa snake ring

If the Medusa ring up above was a bit too intense, then choose this stylishly subtle option. A bit more paired back and can be used in a wider variety of outfits. The detail on the snakes here is beautiful.




And now that you've found the best mens snake ring on the planet, let's jump right into the rich history of mens snake rings...



The History of the Mens Snake Ring

ancient Egypt snakes

Snakes are an ancient symbol.

They've been around for millennia and have struck fear into the heart's of humans since the dawn of time.

Humans have tried to harness this power since the beginning, most obviously through snake charmers who manage to put these cunning creatures under hypnotic trances.

We've always been fascinated by the darkness of the world, which is where wearing these symbols in our jewelry began.

The Ancient Egyptians are one of the earliest civilizations that we are aware of to turn snakes into rings, using their immediate environment as inspiration for their jewelry. It had a meaning for them that we will dive into in the next section below...

The Romans, Ancient Greeks, Hindus, and Native Americans all have included snakes in their cultures. They wore them in jewelry to offer protection and wisdom to the person wearing it.

It's these symbols that gave these civilizations such strength to keep blazing a trail through history, during times that were incredibly dark and challenging. It helped them make sense of the oftentimes chaotic and brutal world that they were trying to survive in.

So every time you wear a snake ring, you're tapping into a rich source of power that lead to you being alive today.

Modern Day Snake Ring Wearers

snake catcher

Today you'll find snake rings being worn by all kinds of badass masculine figures.

Cowboys, bikers and rockstars are just a few of the archetypes that tap into this powerful energy through the rings they decorate their fingers with.

  • Cowboys are directly dealing with snakes on a daily basis, using their wisdom to avoid meeting their demise every time they're confronted by deadly snakes
  • Bikers speed through desert landscapes on the back of their motorcycles and often find themselves face-to-face with snakes when making pit stops
  • Rockstars use snake rings to bring edge and attitude to their aesthetic, instilling confidence in them when performing on stage and conveying an air of mystery and charisma

You tap into the same energies when you wear a snake ring.


What Does a Snake Ring Mean?

native american snakes

Snake rings have a variety of different meanings, depending on what point in history we're talking about. If we're talking about the Native Americans, to them they represented "divinity, rebirth and spiritual power". [R]

A common meaning that has transcended cultures is that it's a symbol of rebirth. This is due to the snake's ability to shed it's old skin and generate a new one.

The rebirth meaning is also very present in the symbol of the ouroboros - a snake devouring it's own tail, creating a perfect circle loop.

You can get an ouroboros ring RIGHT HERE

But most importantly, let's go back to the Ancient Egyptians. Their particular climate and desert was inundated with these sly serpents.

Wearing a snake ring was used as a symbol to convey that they had control over the chaotic elements of life. That they could harness and control the snake's wild energy for their own benefit and create a safer environment for their people to survive in.



But What Does a Snake Ring Mean Today?

silver mens snake ring

Every time you wear a snake ring you are conveying the same thing.

You convey that you have complete command and control over any situation. That you are not pushed around by life.

You convey that you are a leader, capable of taking the wildest elements of nature and using them as a force for good.

You uplift the people around you.

A snake ring is also used as a symbol of protection.

Imagine that you had your own personal pet snake that was trained to strike out at any dangerous characters that came your way. You would be completely safe, right?

Now obviously your snake ring isn't a literal snake, but you can tap into its power by wearing one and embody similar qualities when needed.

You look down at your finger and tap into the same sense of fearlessness and ferocity that a snake has. Any challenges in life that come your way will be met with swift action by you.



Where to Buy a Mens Snake Ring?

Mens snake rings are rather unique, which means that it can sometimes be a little bit tricky to come across them in real life. They're some of the most unique mens rings out there, and take a unique man to wear them.

A lot of retail stores won't even stock them because they would prefer to just stick to the safe options that don't draw too much attention. Boring!

Do we want to just play it safe and fit in with society? Or do we want to make an impact and reach our full potential? I know what I'd pick...

It used to be hard, but finding a badass new mens snake ring isn't so tricky anymore...


Get the Best Snake Rings at That Rock Aesthetic!

where to buy snake rings

That Rock Aesthetic was born out of our desire to express our individuality and make it easier for other men (and people in general!) to do so as well.

There were so many bland and "safe" rings that don't express a single thing about the person wearing them.

This lack of unique mens rings out there lead to us putting in the hard yards to find amazing designers that really put the art into jewelry-making.

And now, right here at That Rock Aesthetic, you'll find our collection of rings infused with the spirit of rock n roll, curated just for you.

No more scrolling and feeling "meh" about what's on offer. You can just put your feet up and chill, as you slide some badass rings on your fingers and tap into all of their unique powers.

You know all of those silver and gold snake rings earlier in the article? They're from our collection and they're all for you to own too!




Every time you add some style to your wardrobe from us, you're supporting crazily talented artisans to continue their art and craft. Everyone's a winner.

We've got you sorted, friend.

All of that aside, snake rings are super unique in the jewelry world because they look incredibly masculine, but are also unisex. So if you're a female, use them to amplify your divine feminine energy.

Basically, they're super versatile.

So for the men out there, don't hesitate to ask the women in your life if they own any snake rings.

Women are pro's at adorning themselves with stunning jewelry, so they may have a random snake ring that they've long since forgotten about, just patiently waiting to be worn again by a new owner.

Take a little look around at your family and social circles. I think you're bound to come across some badass unisex and mens snake rings.

Or grab your favorite silver, black or gold snake rings from That Rock Aesthetic and maybe YOU could one day be the one to pass our pieces down the family tree to the next eager generation!


How to Style a Mens Snake Ring

snake ring style

Snake rings are made to grab attention. They don't just just sit in a standard shape like other rings do.

They slither and wrap around your fingers.

This is what's so cool and attractive about them. Snake rings make a statement. They seem almost alive.

They can really liven up your outfit and add a mystical, mysterious element.

But before we go wild, we just have a couple of important considerations when first sliding a snake ring onto our fingers...


Which Way Should a Snake Ring Face?

You want the head of your snake ring to face TOWARDS your fingernail. This is so the snake looks like it's coming towards someone else, in protection of you.

You don't want the snake to strike YOU, right?

Facing it the other way will have the opposite effect, so always have it facing AWAY from you.


Which Fingers Should You Wear Snake Rings On?

snake ring which finger

Snake rings look great on a variety of fingers, but one great one is as a thumb ring.

Think about it: snake rings are unique designs that differ from a normal ring. A normal ring is on a round band.

But snake rings coil around your finger. They're different from other rings.

Your thumb is also different from all of your other fingers. It does a lot of important tasks and sits off to the side of the other fingers.

This is what makes it great for wearing something a little more unusual. Try it on your thumb.

If a thumb ring isn't your thing, then try making it the star of the show on your middle finger. Having it in the center of your hand and then adding other rings on the fingers on either side of it maintains an aesthetically-pleasing sense of balance.

Also have you ever been flipped off by a snake? Didn't think so. If you ever have to flip someone the bird, then what better emphasis than to have a snake on that finger as well?

If you want something a little more low-key, then try getting a smaller/thinner snake ring and putting it on your pinky. This can add a cool extra detail that doesn't grab people's attention too much.

There really aren't any official rules here though, so have fun experimenting with this.

Wrap around snake rings are adjustable (you just gently bend them tighter or looser to fit whichever finger you like). So go wild and try it on different fingers until you find the one that best represents you.

It's always a good idea to keep the idea of maintaining balance on your hand in mind though.


Pair Them with Other Styles of Rings!

snake ring men

Why stop at one ring? Rings look great when multiple fingers have them, so pair them with other rings.

Try pairing a snake ring with turquoise rings for a mystical shamanic earthy vibe. This works great for a boho hippie aesthetic.

Or go all-in on the darker vibes and add skull rings and other gothic imagery.

Snake rings are super versatile and can fit so many different aesthetics, so don't be afraid to try pairing them in unconventional ways.

We want you to express yourself to the fullest here and get to the core of expressing your unique personality to the world!


Snake Ring Outfits

snake ring outfit

Snakes love the desert, so naturally snake rings go hand-in-hand with the western cowboy aesthetic.

  • The boho hippie aesthetic also works perfectly with snake rings. Hippies are all about mother nature and the environment and snakes are sacred creatures in nature.

Go wild and wear a paisley or floral patterned print long-sleeve button-up shirt with some sexy Levi's 726 flared jeans and a Jim Morrison-inspired concho belt. Then slip into a pair of black leather chelsea boots and you'll be oozing character.

Jump across to this article for an extensive step-by-step guide to the rock aesthetic.

You can really get away with anything with a snake ring, so rock your preferred aesthetic with confidence and you'll be turning heads in no time.



In Conclusion

silver snake ring

Snake rings are such a bold symbol. They really have a powerful and seductive quality to them.

Humans have known this for centuries, and now you do too.

If you want a quick and easy way to add charisma to your vibe, then wearing a mens snake ring is a sure-fire way to do that.

You will stand out and convey sexy qualities.

You give yourself permission to be assertive and go for what you want. And you help others feel empowered in your presence.

We're committed to empowering you and others to be 110% authentically your real self here at That Rock Aesthetic.

Far too often we find people gradually losing touch with who they are and conforming to the crowd. We don't want that same fate to befall you.

Grab yourself a mens snake ring right here today and start being unapologetically YOU.




Finding the best mens snake ring used to be such a mission. We went through it. It sucked. Those days are history now.

Check out our range of snake rings RIGHT HERE and express your wild side!

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