The BEST Turquoise Ring for Men ULTIMATE Guide (2024!) - Meaning, How to Wear, Where to Buy, History

turquoise ring for men

Want to find the best turquoise ring for men on the planet? We'll show you the 7 best rings to convey your individuality with this mystical gemstone, and chart the history and meaning of turquoise from ancient times to today.

We'll also be showing you how to style men's turquoise rings, including answering which finger to wear a turquoise ring on, and the coolest outfits to go with your stunning new turquoise rings.


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Turquoise is a powerful gemstone.

It has mystical qualities and has been used for centuries in shamanic ceremonies in Native American culture.

The Ancient Egyptians prized it. So did the Aztecs. The Persians too.

Whenever you wear this beautiful stone, you're tapping into a rich history and source of power.

It's a unisex, but also incredibly masculine, stone (in a similar kind of a way that a skull ring is).


jimi hendrix turquoise ring for men

So it's no wonder why these famous men (to name just a few) have sported turquoise:

  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Jason Momoa
  • Kurt Russell
  • Burt Reynolds
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

What a list. These are some of the most badass men out there.

Join this powerful list.

Just a little bit further below, we'll be diving into the history and meaning of turquoise rings, and then looking at how to style them too, but before all of that, let's find the best turquoise ring for men for you...


The 7 Best Turquoise Rings for Men

You've come to the right place today. Here at That Rock Aesthetic, you'll fast realise that you've come across the strongest contenders for best turquoise ring for men. We're in love with silver turquoise rings here. They're the go-to for the rock aesthetic.

Here are our faves - let's go:

1. Eagle/Hawk Turquoise Ring

hawk eagle turquoise ring for men

This is a masculine look and we're very close to saying this is our favorite turquoise ring for men. Beautiful turquoise set inside a tough and rugged silver, adorned with an eagle/hawk on the side, this one has a bold power. Looks killer for so many different aesthetics, but in particular for hippie, biker or western looks. The marbled turquoise is unique to every piece for a more personal and earthy touch.




2. Oval Lion Turquoise Ring

oval lion turquoise ring for men

Another strong, masculine look. The lion on the side gives this turquoise ring a real power. Lion's are top of the animal kingdom, so this ring will instill into you strong leadership characteristics. The turquoise also has some beautiful lines going through it that always add extra character to your look.




3. Navajo Native American Turquoise Ring

navajo native american turquoise ring for men

Now how badass is this? The level of craftmanship that has gone into this men's turquoise ring really has to be seen in person to be believed - it will make your jaw drop. Native American chiefs are wise leaders, and you can see their power in this piece, with a look of stern determination with a bear headdress atop their head. The turquoise on here is more subtle than some of our other pieces, which makes it a great option if you're just wanting to start dipping your toes into turquoise rings. Honor the rich and beautiful culture of the Native Americans with this amazing Navajo turquoise ring.




4. Feather Wraparound Ring with Turquoise Gemstone

turquoise feather wraparound ring

Tap into the energy of the west and the spirit of mother nature with this feather turquoise ring. Feathers have been used for centuries in Native American culture, so we've combined that rich iconography with the beauty of turquoise. Works amazingly for a boho hippie aesthetic to get you in touch with your earthly roots. Pair it with a skull ring for yin and yang energies.




5. Oval Owl Gothic Turquoise Ring

oval owl gothic turquoise ring

Turquoise can also be used for a gothic aesthetic - who would have thought? This turquoise has some exquisite green tones poking through with some stunning marks and lines for a rustic individual touch. Adding even more gothic energy to the mix is the owl cutting an intimidating figure on the side of the ring. Perfect for gothic and biker aesthetics.




6. Turquoise Sun Biker Ring

turquoise sun biker ring

This is a truly unique ring right here combining multiple aesthetics. The thinner size compared to the others on this list helps keeps things stylishly subtle, with the turquoise being a beautifully muted feature, set in the position of the sun. This is perfect if you want something that can be worn more formally, or if you lean more toward the biker and goth side of life.




7. Oval Eagle Turquoise Ring

oval eagle turquoise ring for men

This eagle turquoise statement ring is stunning. A big and bold smooth turquoise gemstone is set inside of a double-headed eagle for a powerful image. Go bold with this one and make it the star of the show. Works so well for so many different aesthetics: biker, gothic, western and hippie fans rejoice - this is going to work for all of you! You will make an impact wearing this ring.




Now that we've given you some strong options for the best turquoise ring for men (and your fingers are decked out in these stunning rings), let's jump right into the rich history of turquoise rings...


The History of Turquoise Rings

Turquoise rings are one of the oldest and most historic gemstones out there.

Going way way back to the beginning to 3000 B.C., the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians were adorned with them. They wore them in necklaces and, of course, they wore them in rings.

Turquoise has been a big part of other ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs, and the Persians who believed it gave them protection and good fortune.


Native American Navajo Turquoise

navajo native american turquoise rings

Most famously though, turquoise is deeply tied in with Native American culture, in particular the Navajo Nation. [R]

It was used by shamans in their ceremonies and rituals as a way of communicating with the spirits in the sky. In fact, they nicknamed it the "fallen sky stone" due to its blue color.

Where things really got juicy was in the 1800s when the Spaniards introduced Native Americans to silversmithing. The Navajo people were the first to create silver turquoise rings.

Prior to that, Native American Navajo turquoise rings were usually set in softer metals like copper. The introduction of silver lead to the more sturdy and iconic looking pieces exploding in popularity in the 1900s and still being worn to this day.

As a result of this rich history, turquoise is a very spiritual gemstone, so you're tapping into a similar source by wearing them.

These associations convey a worldly energy to others when you wear turquoise.


Modern Day Men's Turquoise Icons

lenny kravitz turquoise ring

Due to its spiritual nature, turquoise jewelry is often seen on artistic types, people connected to the American western landscape, or people with Native American heritage.

Jimi Hendrix was famous for wearing turquoise jewelry, reflecting his Native American Cherokee roots. He would dress himself in all manner of spiritual paraphernalia to reflect his free-spirited hippie ideals, with turquoise being a strong theme in his colorful personal expression. This reflected the other-worldly and explosive characteristics of his music and guitar playing.

So much of an turquoise icon is Hendrix that Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lenny Kravitz, both blues guitarists heavily inspired by Hendrix, adopted turquoise jewelry in tribute to their hero.


arnold schwarzenegger turquoise

These days, you'll see anyone from Jason Momoa to Kurt Russell, and even to Arnold Schwarzenegger, wearing turquoise.

All 3 of these men are deeply masculine icons tapping into the power of this gemstone. Turquoise is unisex, but has strong masculine roots due to Native American Indian chiefs wearing it. This association continues to this day.

Turquoise is also very popular with cowboys and western aesthetics due to its earthy natural qualities and geographical roots. Turquoise goes hand-in-hand with this look and lifestyle, so in the celebrity world it has been abundant in the western genre since the dawn of film.


What Does a Turquoise Ring Mean?

navajo native americans

Whenever you slide our men's turquoise rings on you're conveying a lot of different meanings.

Turquoise has been used throughout history to bring good luck and protection from evil.

It has also been used to help calm and ground the person wearing it. Colors with blue tones always have a cooling and calming effect (as opposed to the fieriness of red), so turquoise is no different here.

The Native Americans used turquoise to communicate with the sky spirit. So, depending on your beliefs, it can be used to connect you to the spirit realm between heaven and earth - again, being used for protection!

Taking the protection aspect even further, Native Americans believed that attaching turquoise to their weapons would provide them with perfect aim when hunting or in battle.


But What Does Turquoise Mean Today?

navajo native american silversmith

As a man in modern life, by wearing one of our men's silver turquoise rings you're conveying that you're a unique individual, comfortable with self-expression and in touch with the beauty of nature and earth.

You're conveying that you're cool, calm and collected when times get tough. That you have a sense of what's actually important in life.

Hint: it's not the surface-level nonsense that so many people concern themselves with.

You know this. You guide people through their own struggles to better days.

You're conveying that you're a leader and build your own tribe.

Wear turquoise rings and you're communicating all of this in subtle but powerful ways.


Where to Buy Turquoise Rings for Men?

In our experience, good quality men's turquoise rings are one of the hardest rings for men to find. Because it's a bolder look, men's jewelry makers tend to produce safer options that are guaranteed to sell easier, like plain silver rings or black onyx rings.

This is a shame though, because turquoise rings are a powerful look to tap into.

It doesn't have to be difficult anymore though...


Get the Best Turquoise Rings at That Rock Aesthetic!

that rock aesthetic turquoise ring product page

That Rock Aesthetic was born out of our frustration at the lack of cool men's rings available to buy.

So many cheap and tacky designs. So little rings with vibe.

So we decided to bring the vibe to you by doing all the hard work to partner with amazing designers. And right here at That Rock Aesthetic, you'll find them all curated just for you.

All the annoying searching is done. You can just kick back and relax and start filling your fingers with quality jewelry.

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Every purchase here supports amazingly talented artisans to continue their craft. You can't lose.

So forget the rest - we've got your back.

Beyond that, turquoise rings are incredibly unique in that they look incredibly masculine, but are also unisex. They're really versatile in that way.

So don't be afraid to ask around with the women in your life as well as the men. Women in particular are experts at decorating themselves in amazing jewelry, so there might be an abundance of jewelry that they've forgotten about, just dying to be enjoyed again by a new owner.

Look around your family and social circles and it's only matter of time before you'll come across some amazing unisex and men's turquoise rings.

Or grab your favorite turquoise ring for men (or 2, or 3!) from us and maybe one day YOU could be the one to create a family heirloom and pass our pieces down the family tree to the next generation!


How to Style a Turquoise Ring for Men

jimi hendrix turquoise ring

Whenever you wear a turquoise ring for men you're making a statement. They're incredibly pleasing to look at and catch people's eyes with ease.

If you're wondering which finger to wear a turquoise ring on, it really depends on the size of the ring and how many rings you're wearing on other fingers.

  • If it's a big and chunky piece, then you'll probably do best by rocking it on your middle or index fingers, especially if it's the only ring you're wearing. These fingers are naturally bigger to match the size of the ring. A big ring on those fingers looks balanced.
  • If it's a bit smaller in size, then turquoise rings can look amazing on your pinky or ring finger. The pinky is more subtle, but conveys a huge amount of personality and has a slightly quirky, unconventional energy that stands out.

Turquoise rings also pair very well with silver rings as the cooler tones in the turquoise are more harmonious with the cool tones of silver. So be sure to wear your turquoise statement ring alongside your other favorite silver rings.

Have a play-around with this, because there is no official right or wrong way, but try to keep the goal of maintaining balance on your hand in mind.


Mix Up Your Jewelry Vibes!

jason momoa mens turquoise ring

Maybe you wear a men's turquoise ring for a mystical earthy vibe, then pair it with a silver skull ring or other gothic or biker jewelry for a dark vibe to balance the light and dark forces within you.

This contrast creates depth to your aesthetic and conveys different aspects of your personality. People are drawn to multi-faceted individuals that they can't quite work out, so you can create a sense of mystery this way.

Or maybe you fully embrace the mystical hippie side and add other spiritual symbolism to your other fingers with our boho hippie rings.

We're all about expressing ourselves to the fullest here, and you should too!

Beyond just a turquoise ring, try adding in other Native American Indian jewelry, like a squash blossom necklace or a turquoise cuff bracelet to add more mystical rockstar flair to your outfit.


Turquoise Ring Outfits

western turquoise ring outfit

Turquoise jewelry is earthy, so it pairs really well with the western cowboy aesthetic. Think desert colors like tans and browns.

Throw on a brown suede sherpa jacket or a Levi's denim sherpa jacket, a denim or corduroy long-sleeve button-up shirt tucked into Levi's jeans with a bold western belt, and finish it with some brown lace-up boots for a rugged and tough western cowboy-inspired look.

The 60s/70s hippie aesthetic also works incredibly well with turquoise jewelry.

Go maximalist with a paisley or floral patterned print long-sleeve button-up shirt tucked into some Levi's 726 flared jeans with a concho belt, and throw some black leather chelsea boots on your feet for look full of vibe and character.

Head on over to this article for an even more in-depth rundown of the rock aesthetic.

Because turquoise is an eye-catching color, you can really do whatever you want here! Keep your outfit more muted to draw attention to the jewelry, or let the jewelry steer the rest of your outfit toward being eye-catching to match it.

Either way, you're conveying a wise masculine and worldly image here.

That's what the Native Americans who cherished this gem were.

Be like them.


In Conclusion

guitar stevie ray vaughan turquoise ring for men

And we've come to the end of our journey for today, my friend. Turquoise rings have such a rich rich history and are a badass aesthetic.

I promise you will feel the power of all of this when you first slide a turquoise ring on your finger.

They're thought to have mystical protective properties.

But even if all of that is too wild for you to believe in, you will feel your self-expression and individuality coming to the surface every time you put a turquoise ring on.

It just has a way of doing that.

You will get more attention, and this in turn will bring your best qualities up to the surface.

We're all about being 110% ourselves here at That Rock Aesthetic, and we want you to be that way too. It's so easy for people to lose their spark and sense of self in modern society, so we want to challenge that.

Wear rings that have personality and allow yours to shine as well. Never silence yourself.

If you ever do find yourself being challenged, then just look down at your turquoise ring and remember who came before you.

The Ancient Egyptians. The Aztecs. The Native Americans. Feel their awe-inspiring power and make your mark on the world.

If you need guidance on what the best turquoise rings for men are, then end your search at That Rock Aesthetic. We've got you covered.




Searching for the best turquoise ring for men used to be tricky. Believe us, we know. We lived it. Those days are over.

Check out our range of turquoise rings RIGHT HERE and express your wild side!

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