11 Best Skull Rings for Men ULTIMATE Guide (2024!) - Meaning, How to Wear, Where to Buy, History

11 Best Skull Rings for Men ULTIMATE Guide (2024!) - Meaning, How to Wear, Where to Buy, History

Today at That Rock Aesthetic, we'll guide you to the best skull rings for men on the planet. Forget the mainstream. Make a statement.

Not only that, but today we want you to appreciate the history and meaning of skull rings, so you can feel the maximum power of these badass symbols.

They give you strength and courage when times get tough. They allow you to boldly step out into the world and express yourself to the fullest.


Check out our range of skull rings RIGHT HERE and express your wild side!


We're all about flying in the face of society and flaunting our individuality.

That's what these skull ring wearers do:

  • Rockstars and musicians
  • Bikers
  • Pirates
  • Artists

Skull rings are worn by the most badass characters you can find, so it only makes sense that you'd want to tap into the power of the skull ring.


johnny depp skull rings

Quick quiz: what do these people have in common?

  • Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones
  • Lemmy from Motorhead
  • Cliff Burton & James Hetfield of Metallica

Icons. Skull ring wearers. Join this elite club.

You can get them in a variety of different styles to convey different meanings, as a simple skull or with additional symbols, such as snakes.

Today, not only are we going to show you where to buy the absolute best skull rings, we'll also be helping you style skull rings into your cool rock aesthetic outfits.

We'll be going through the history and meaning of skull rings very soon, but let's get down to business with some of the coolest skull rings that are out there right now...



The 11 Best Skull Rings for Men

Right here at your fingertips at That Rock Aesthetic, you'll find some of the coolest skull rings for men out there. We love silver skull rings here (and turquoise rings too!). They look just right for the rock aesthetic.

Here are our faves - let's go:

1. Double-Headed Gothic Skull Ring

Double-Headed Gothic Skull Ring

This double-headed skull is one of a kind. Intricately crafted by our designers, you're not gonna see any random person wearing something like this, and that's what's great about it. Bring an edgy vibe to your outfit that makes a statement. Biker/gothic/punk vibes all around.




2. Biker Snake & Skull Ring

Biker Snake & Skull Ring

This ring has a dark power to it. Snakes have an elegant and seductive energy that balances the intensity of a human skull. Intertwining the two for a yin/yang effect, our designers have fused masculine and feminine energies into the one ring. Biker and western vibes.




3. Megadeth Vic Rattlehead Heavy Metal Skull Ring

Megadeth Vic Rattlehead Heavy Metal Skull Ring

At That Rock Aesthetic, we're all about rock n roll, so that's why we offer a killer range of music-related rings right here. This particular ring is a MUST-HAVE for any fan of seminal thrash metal band Megadeth. Features the band's mascot Vic Rattlehead in full cyberpunk mode. Rep your favorite band, or wear it as an outsider purely for the aesthetic value.




4. Ancient Egyptian Pharoah Skull Ring

Ancient Egyptian Pharoah Skull Ring

Feel the ancient Egyptian energies of the pharoah. Incredible craftmanship on this one, and another ring that you just don't see often at all. The snake on the top is a badass addition too.




5. Native American Indian Chief Skull Ring

Native American Indian Chief Skull Ring

Honour the wise and noble Native Americans with this Indian chief ring. So intricately detailed, with full-on western and biker vibes.




6. Gothic Half Skull Ring

Gothic Half Skull Ring

Rugged and rough, this gothic half skull ring will add flair to any outfit you can think of. This one has a dark power to it. The removal of the lower jaw and top of the skull is rarely seen in jewelry-making and it really allows you to focus on the haunting energy of this skull's eyes. Great for edgy heavy metal and punk aesthetics.




7. Skull & Flowers Ring

Skull & Flowers Ring

Embrace the cycle of death and rebirth with this skull and flowers ring. The skull represents death, while the flowers represent a blooming into new life. This ring has masculine and feminine energies within, to be used as a reminder to maintain balance in life.




8. Satanic Goat Gothic Skull Ring

Satanic Goat Gothic Skull Ring

A must-have for any respectable metalhead or punk fan. This skull ring has a dark power to it. Use this for an edgy vibe and to ruffle the feathers of the status quo.




9. Biker Band of Skulls Ring

Biker Band of Skulls Ring

No biker would be complete without a skull ring and this band of skulls does an amazing job of that. Amazing level of detail here.




10. Skull & Crossbones Ring

Skull & Crossbones Ring

Skull and crossbones were used by pirates to signal their enemy's impending doom as they approached by ship. Wear this to tap into some of their assertive power in your day-to-day life (just don't go stealing ships!). Beautiful silver with an amazing design in 2 different sizes - one thin and one wide/chunky.




11. Death's Head Gothic Skull Ring

Death's Head Gothic Skull Ring

The death's head is an ancient symbol that has been seen in countless works of art over the centuries (famously psychological thriller 'The Silence of the Lambs' used this symbol in the film's artwork). This ring has all kinds of symbolism and duality in it. Masculine and feminine intertwine to give off both gothic and boho vibes.




Now that that's out of the way (and your fingers are looking cooler than they ever have), let's dive into where skull rings even came from in the first place...


The History of Skull Rings

Skull rings have been worn for centuries.

The symbolism of a skull has roots tracing all the way back to the Middle Ages with images of the grim reaper as a symbol of death being prominent. The grim reaper has maintained his menacing presence throughout history.


The Queen - A Badass?

Weirdly enough, it was actually Queen Victoria who brought wearing skulls as rings and jewelry to prominence.

The Queen, a badass? You know it.

Queen Victoria wore skull jewelry during the plague of the 19th century, which was used as both a reminder of our mortality and a tribute to the many people that died during this time.

It was a powerful symbol that helped the community rally together and come to grips with all the chaos that was around them.


Pirates, Bikers & Rockstars - Style Icons

keith richards skull ring
Maybe Keith Richards' skull ring had something to do with his seeming immortality?

Pirates were also early adopters, flying the skull and crossbones flag to announce the impending death of rival ships. They'd adorn their fingers with this symbol to intimidate and convey their power.

Where skull rings really took off though is in the 1960s.


biker skull rings

Bikers are almost modern-day pirates in some regards, so they adopted them to intimidate their enemies (and society as a whole) and make a statement about what they were capable of.

Rockstars wanting to tap into this rebellious energy started sliding them onto their fingers as they'd shred on guitar. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones is one of the earliest skull ring wearers and a true skull ring icon.

Cowboys also started wearing them, for a tough and rugged look that reminds you of the dangers of the west. Animal skulls and dangerous creatures are strewn across their landscape, so they'd use this as a reminder to keep their wits about them, lest they meet the same fate.

Gothic skull rings are the next natural evolution after the 60s era, tying itself in with heavy metal and punk music. Fully embracing the dark energies and nihilistic aesthetic values of the skull and death. This was to further rebel against mainstream society and provoke reactions. And they sure did a great job of that.

Today, you'll never see Johnny Depp without his skull rings. His role as Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean is forever his most iconic one, and he actually still wears rings that were a part of Jack Sparrow's costume to this day.


What Does a Skull Ring Mean?

The meaning of skull rings is deeper than you might think.

A skull ring is a great reminder that we don't have an infinite amount of time on this earth. While that may be a startling thought, this can actually be a powerful thing to get in touch with.

People used to die so young and so often centuries and millennia ago that death has become a much bigger deal to us in modern society when it does happen.

Our life expectation is longer. We live in safer environments. Long gone are the days that we had to worry about being eaten by a lion or dying of the plague.

Because of our comfy lifestyles, we seem to think that life is endless and that the day-to-day doesn't really matter. Death is a long way away, so why think about it?

There's always tomorrow, right? Wrong.

A skull ring helps remind you to not waste time and squander opportunities.

It instils powerful qualities that all the biggest trailblazers in history had.

It makes you say YES to things.

Finding yourself being quiet in situations you should speak up in? Look down at your skull ring and let the words you need to speak come out.

See a pretty girl across the bar you're afraid to talk to? Guess what? You'll never get that opportunity ever again. In fact, she could be the last girl you ever see. Look down at your finger, remember you may die tomorrow, and go for it.

Having a skull ring can be a real hack for life, because it pushes you towards ACTION.

And it's so simple to tap into that mindset.

All you have to do is look down at your hand and feel a big boost of testosterone and attitude.


Where to Buy Skull Rings for Men?

Skull rings are one of the most popular styles of rings for men. You can find them quite easily if you know where to look.

But unfortunately there's a lot of low quality skull rings out there.

Cheap designs, cheap materials, generic looking. You'll have a cheap look if you get them. Amazon is notorious for this. Avoid.


Get Skull Rings Right Here at That Rock Aesthetic!

We founded That Rock Aesthetic because we were so frustrated at the lack of cool men's rings on offer.

So we did the hard yards and found the best of the best men's skull rings available and have curated them for you.

We've taken all the guesswork out of the picture. The hard work is done and you get to reap the rewards. Lucky, lucky.

All those cool silver skull rings up above? They're ours and now they can be yours!


You'll also be supporting amazing artisans by grabbing some of our pieces. Win-win.

So look no further, we've got you covered.

Beyond that, you might even have a cool uncle that has one lying around. You know the type - listens to rock music, drinks whiskey, always has a pretty girl hanging off his arm, lives on the fringes of society. A free-spirit.

Look for badasses in your family and social circles and you will come across skull rings soon enough.

Or grab one of our skull rings for men and maybe one day you could be that cool uncle yourself and pass our pieces down the family tree to the next generation!



How to Style Skull Rings for Men

metallica james hetfield skull ring middle finger

First things first - if you ever need to flip somebody off, then having a skull ring on your finger will add extra emphasis to it. What a bonus.

Silver skull rings are a bold statement. They can often be big and boisterous.

Try rocking them on your middle or index fingers. These fingers are naturally bigger to match the size of the ring.

The ring finger works great too (see James Hetfield of Metallica above for evidence), but the middle finger often works the best, allowing it to be star of the show on your hand and maintaining a balance.


Mix & Match!

skull rings for men

Maybe you wear a silver skull ring for a dark vibe, then pair it with a turquoise or hippie-style ring to maintain a balance between light and dark energies.

Or maybe you fully embrace the dark side and add other dark symbolism to your fingers.

Don't hold back here.

Be wild and adorn every finger of your hand with rings for a real maximalist outlaw biker aesthetic.

This is all about self-expression and individuality.

Beyond just a silver skull ring, try adding in silver necklaces and leather bracelets to add more rockstar flair to your outfit.



Skull Ring Outfits

Throw on a black leather biker jacket or a Levi's denim jacket, a band t-shirt (perhaps a Motorhead or Led Zeppelin t-shirt for a badass vibe), Levi's jeans and some black leather chelsea boots for one of the coolest looks possible for a man.

Check out this article for a comprehensive rundown on the rock aesthetic.

The more monochromatic nature of this outfit will pair well with a silver skull ring and convey a darker vibe.

It's all about playing up the bad boy image and not conforming to society.

That's what rockstars, pirates and bikers have in common.

Be like them.


Which Way Should a Skull Ring Face?

One last thing before we wrap things up - which way should a skull ring face?

Generally, you want your skull ring facing AWAY from you. So when you look down at your hand it'll look "upside down" to you.

For everyone else they'll be able to see the skull ring facing the right way up (mouth below the eyes). It looks quite odd to everyone else to see an upside down skull.

There generally aren't any exceptions to this rule (you just don't see people wearing them the other way around all too often), but there are a small number of people who like to face the skull ring around the other way when they're feeling a bit introverted.

Feel free to wear your rings the way you like the best, but usually the way a skull ring should face is so it looks the right way up to other people looking at you.




In Conclusion

mens skull rings

Well there you have it! Skull rings have a rich history and badass associations as a result.

They have a deeper meaning than you may realise and can used as a powerful reminder to live your best life. It's no wonder why some of the strongest characters and groups throughout history have worn these.

They give strength and courage to those that do wear them.

By going against the grain of a mundane society, you push your unique characteristics into the spotlight and allow yourself to be 100% you. Unapologetically.

NEVER let anyone kill your natural spark and individuality. If you ever find yourself being challenged, then just look down at your skull ring and keep blazing your trail.

If you're a bit lost on what the best skull rings for men are, then look no further than That Rock Aesthetic. We've got you covered.




Searching for the absolute best skull rings for men can be tricky, but now it doesn't have to be.

Check out our range of skull rings RIGHT HERE and express your wild side!

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