Our Story

Express your WILD SIDE!

In a world of mundanity, our vision is for you to boldly express yourself to the f u l l e s t

Finding cool jewelry that fits that rock aesthetic can be hard (especially for men), which is why THAT ROCK AESTHETIC was born

Mens rings are our passion

We are passionate about bringing high-quality unique mens rings and fashion jewelry that fits the rich tradition of ROCK 'N' ROLL. Inspired by aesthetic icons such as Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix & Johnny Depp to get you that ROCK AESTHETIC you've always dreamed of!



We're collaborating with insanely talented artisans

We partner directly with insanely talented artisans all over the world who bring intricate fine details to our pieces. Sadly, the males of our species get overlooked in the jewelry world, so we focus primarily on silver rings for men - however, the majority of our pieces are unisex, so everyone can join the party!



The coolest rock aesthetic unique mens rings on the planet!

From badass rugged skulls in the metal & punk world, to the most prized of turquoise that gives a nod to the psychedelic hippie side of rock, to other unique mens rings that are wild & wonderful, we want you to let your true colors SHINE

Come grab That Rock Aesthetic